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Business SEO in Barnsley, South Yorkshire and the UK

Clients who trust us

Calif Real Estate, California
Cool Cat Collars, Swansea
Million Dollar Makeovers, Perth
Regulus Films, Miami
Hera Flooring, Barnsley, South Yorkshire
Linbro Demolition, Barnsley, South Yorkshire
Community Conferencing, Sheffield, South Yorkshire
Orchard Views Care Home, Barnsley, South Yorkshire
Ashfield Nursing Home, Wetherby, West Yorkshire
North Star Signs, Barnsley, South Yorkshire
APW Lighting, Sheffield, South Yorkshire
Shadow Security, Barnsley, South Yorkshire
Shield Coatings, Scisset, Huddersfield
All Fired Up, South Australia
Deck Renew, Balimore, Maryland
Lloyds TSB, UK
Auto Shipping Price, Clayton, North Carolina
Motor Blades, Utah
Experience Holidays, Hailsham, East Sussex
3D Skin Glow, Los Angeles, California
Tree Maintenance, Stroud, Gloucestershire
Reliable Discos, London
I See Technology, Isle Of Wight
Performance Cycling, London
E-Billing Solutions, London
Up Top Solutions, London
Nutriscope, London
Polar Flame, Edinburgh
Compuformance, Aberdeen
Hopi Candles 4 U, Lincolnshire

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Rocket up the Google rankings with:

  • Organic (unsponsored) Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) also know as Sponsored Links including Google Adwords.
  • Website Audits (including usability audits and web standards compliancy).
  • Link building.
  • Search engine friendly web design.

Why use SEO services?

  • It's more cost effective than traditional marketing
  • Your competitors are using SEO.

Computer Coders SEO, Barnsley - SEO friendly website search engine optimisation Make SEO Barnsley part of your online marketing strategy.

Computer Coder's range of SEO packages encompass affordable search engine friendly web design and search marketing to drive targeted customers to your business.

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Which SEO package is right for me?

We don't have a one-size-fits-all SEO package and we do like to get to know your business before we offer our impartial advice. The best thing to do is give us a call on (01226) 249590 or pop down to our offices at Barnsley Business and Innovation Centre, Huddersfield Road, Barnsley for a chat.

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We'll outline a preliminary strategy. All SEO packages usually take place in three main stages: initial investigation, initial implementation and ongoing analysis and support. We're sure we can find a SEO package that will suit your business needs.

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Give me a case study that I can relate to:

OK, no problem. How about Hera Flooring Ltd in Grimethorpe, Barnsley. Jane, the Managing Director, ran the UK branch of Blastrac for years before deciding to setup on her own hiring floor preparation equipment. Jane approached Computer Coders for a new website to promote her range of products and services. The requirements were for a professional website that is search engine friendly. The results have already been very promising with the first internet enquiry that lead to a sales within just a few weeks of the website going live!

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About Computer Coders SEO, Barnsley

Computer Coders SEO, Barnsley resides in affordable offices and an ideal location to help make your SEO Barnsley campaign a success. Computer Coders SEO, Barnsley is based in an up and coming area, more and more SMEs are locating their businesses in Barnsley because of it's affordable office spaces making it an ideal place to provide SEO Barnsley from. The phrase SEO Barnsley as come to mean afforable quality and can be setup and executed from any location so it does not matter where you are based. It is nice to see a friendly face though so we are always glad to pop round to see you to discuss your SEO campaign.

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A SEO campaign vs traditional advertising

Computer Coders SEO, Barnsley provide results but it's not for you? SEO Barnsley doubt it. If you think that your industry won't benefit from SEO Barnsley or you that your customers are not online then we can probably show you research that states otherwise. We understand that you have probably always put all of your marketing budget into traditional marketing. You know how traditional works and you can pretty much predict the returns by now. Or maybe you just trade by referrals and word or mouth right? The truth is that any company which is interested in growing or making their processes more efficient or both could benefit from SEO. But if why not try taking 10% of your marketing budget and throwing it into SEO and watch the results.

Still not sure? Go to Google now and type in a search term that you think your customers would use to find your service. type SEO Barnsley and we are on the first page. That is because we have optimised pages on our website using SEO techniques for the search term "SEO Barnsley". If you are not on the first page of Google then when your potential customers search for a product or service like yours then you will not even be in their consideration set.

The consideration set is a SEO term that means the 3 or 4 websites that a searchers visits when they search using a keyphrase. The end result of not being optimised is that your competitor turns the prospect into a customer because they were part of the prospect's consideration set. So if you aren't search engine optimised (SEO) then you are losing potential customers. Don't miss out on sales incorporate a SEO strategy into your business.

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Google searchers are warm leads

The good thing about SEO is that search engine users are already looking for a product or service like yours when they hit your website, so if your SEO is working then keep doing your SEO but make sure your landing pages (that is the webpages that your visitors first land on when they clickthrough from a search) look fantastic, and are usable and accessible. Navigation should be easy. Your website should work like every other websites they have ever been to. If they have to think about what to do next then you've lost them. At we are specialists in every area of web design, hosting, usability, accessibility and internet marketing.

We are not just developers we are consumers ourselves, we shop online too and look for services too. We readily put ourselves in the customer's shoes so that we can design usable website which do not overload the user's memory. Research shows that after clickthrough the first 10 seconds makes or breaks the visit. It isn't like a brick and mortar shop, your competitors are only a few clicks away.

Don't just do SEO, make sure your website is top notch. We never perform SEO services for a client unless they are willing to bring their website up to date and have a call to action which is visible and engages the user. The effects of SEO are exponential. There is a knock on effect between the amount of time users spend on your website, how many pages they visit and the SEO search engine ranking. So we never attempt to provide a SEO service unless the website is worth visiting.

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SEO and Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is an excellent means of finding out what your customer's problems really like or if you have reached a plateau and want to lanuch a new product to your existing market then online questionnaires can be submitted to your online followers. Sounds complicated? Unsure of the returns? We are used to managing this type of project and we can provide metrics and ballpark figures of what to expect based upon past case studies. This really is the forefront of internet marketing and there is a lot of buzz about it in various online communities so don't mis out. Still in doubt? Find out if your competitor's are on Twitter. Just do a search now. Or visit their website. Or even better get there first.

Dip your toe in and when you've done all you want it, hire us and we'll manage it for us. Alternatively you may be eligable on funding for this type of training. Give Computer Coders a call on 01226 249 560 now for to book a consultation.

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Website Audit

website audit

How can a Website Audit help your business?
We discover problems with your website and provide you with step by step solutions. More »

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getting started


Make an enquiry.
Just send us a quick email and we'll do the rest. From the initial fact finding session to delivery, see your online presence transformed into an effective internet marketing tool. More »

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book a presentation

make a booking

Many of our clients prefer to see our work in action. We are all too happy to visit your premises to find out about your business, your website and your industry so that we can better fit our services to you.. More »

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Improving websites is our business

90% of websites we analyse could benefit from our service...