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Website Accessibility

Though not a priority ten years or so ago, modern websites should at least meet basic accessibility recommendations as defined by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) in line with the Disability Descrimination Act (DDA) 2005.

Web Accessibility improves your conversion rates!

  • Accessibility for your target market - as a business owner you need your website to be accessible by your widest possible target market regardless of ability.

  • Accessible websites mean improved usability - a more usable website helps convert traffic to enquiries or sales. The more accessible a website is, the better.

  • Legislation - Certain websites, especially government websites (where the target market is everyone in a particular geographical area), must comply to the DDA. The W3C Accessibility Guidelines help web developers comply with these guidelines.

Typical Accessibility improvements include adding the ALT (alternative text) attribute to image tags. To find out more about about Web Accessbility call CCL now on (01226) 249 590


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