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Website Usability

Web Usability is a huge area of research into the way that people use the internet and websites. If you can improve the user experience then you can improve conversion rates.

Web Usability - what's the goal?:

  • Web Usability is goal driven - CCL notice that users visit websites to fulfil a need. If they find obstacles they may become frustrated, lost or confused and leave your website to visit a competitors.

  • Web Usability is important because - it helps you see the problems that your users face. If you can solve your prospective customer's problems then they are more likely to buy from you.

  • Web Usability helps you convert your visitors - Many SEO companies concentrate on getting you fantastic positions on Google but conversion rates are still low. Lots of visitors but no phone calls. If this sounds like your website you need a CCL Web Usability Audit to highlight your website's usability issues and provide comprehensive solutions.

Do you want to improve the user experience of your website but are not sure how to get started?

Do you have fantastic positions on Google, lots of visitors but your phone isn't ringing?

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